Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I choose a program that best suits my major?Look at more than one program and see what classes they are offering. Obviously, if you’re a language major, you’ll want to look at programs in the country where the language is spoken. For other majors, review each programs offerings and testimonials from former students. Remember to keep an open mind and be flexible. You can also make an appointment with an IEO counselor to discuss your research.
  2. How do I know if a company is reputable and if the cost is reasonable?The International Education Office has a lot of experience with many different programs and can help you make a decision. Just schedule an appointment with an IEO counselor.
  3. Can I talk to other UCLA students who have participated in my program?Most programs can put you in touch with past participants. Simply ask your program.
  4. Can I fulfill my language requirement with a non-UC program?Yes, but UCLA does not pre-approve coursework. If you wish to fulfill your language requirement abroad, think carefully about your current language level and what courses you need to satisfy the requirement. There are too many variables for UCLA to tell you which non-UC classes to take. UCLA will review your non-UC courses upon completion. Most non-UC programs give placement tests. Plan your language study carefully and consult with your non-UC program.
  5. Can I fulfill major, minor and GE requirements with non-UC programs?Yes, but once again, UCLA does not pre-approve coursework. Students are responsible for choosing their courses carefully and should consult with their major/minor advisor on major/minor requirements and with their school or college for GEs.
  6. Will I get credit for the coursework I do with a Non-UC program?Students must get a C equivalent or better in a course for it to be eligible for transfer. The course must be academic in nature and similar to coursework taught at UCLA. Keep in mind that courses are not preapproved the way they are for EAP or Travel Study. You’ll only know for sure what credit you’re receiving when the final transcript has been evaluated by UCLA Admission after you finish your program. You might want to consult your department counselor for advice beforehand.
  7. Will the credits I earn appear on my UCLA transcript? If so, how?The credits will appear as either upper-division or lower-division units. Grades and course titles will not appear. Non-UC study abroad does not factor into your UCLA GPA. Your course titles and grades will appear on your study abroad programs transcript. You will need to submit that transcript along with your UCLA transcript when you apply for grad school.
  8. What happens if I fail a class while I’m abroad?If you fail a class, your units for that course will not transfer back.
  9. How do I participate in a semester-long program since UCLA is on quarters.?Academic calendars vary by country and institution. Your programs calendar may not align with UCLAs. Check your programs calendar and plan accordingly. Students on Planned Academic Leave (PAL) can study abroad for up to three consecutive quarters.
  10. How many quarter units is one-semester unit worth?Most Non-UC programs are semester programs which grant semester credit, rather than quarter units. UCLA grants units by contact hours. In general, students can expect to receive one unit for every ten contact hours. For example, a course with 120 contact hours will generally come back as 12 units. However, there are exceptions and students should consult with the International Education Office and the counseling unit for their College or School for more information
  11. Q. Do I have to take a leave of absence from UCLA?Planned Academic Leave (PAL) is a leave of absence created for study on non-UC programs. It guarantees your spot at UCLA and because you upload syllabi and course descriptions, it is easier for Admissions to process the transfer credit. Students on PAL avoid having to pay $60 and apply for readmission to UCLA. You should register your leave through our website. Remember not to declare nonattendance.
  12. Will I be considered a UCLA student while on my non-UC program?No, during the quarter(s) spent on the non-UC program, you will not be enrolled at UCLA and will not be considered a UCLA student. Students who are granted planned academic leave (PAL) will be automatically re-registered at UCLA for the quarter they return.
  13. Am I required to tell UCLA about my study abroad?Yes; you must register through our website.
  14. Can I get financial aid?As of summer 2012, UCLAs Financial Aid Office no longer awards aid for non-UC study abroad programs. That means students studying with non-UC programs cannot use any grants or loans processed by UCLA.
  15. Is it possible to extend or cancel my planned academic leave (PAL) while Im studying abroad?At times it is possible to extend or cancel PAL. Students should contact the IEO to discuss options.
  16. Will I have health insurance?Many program providers provide health insurance policies for their programs. You should check with your provider to see what is available. You are also eligible to register for emergency health insurance coverage through the University of California Travelers Insurance Coverage. The UC Travelers Insurance Coverage is free of charge.