Advising Team

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Kelly Zuñíga

Associate Director, Advising & Outreach

Contact: | 310-825-1074

Advising Portfolio:
All Summer Physics programs, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Dublin Summer, Denmark, France (including Global Cities, Urban Realities multi-city program), Germany, Glasgow Summer, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland , Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Summer Research in Glasgow

Position Vacant

Study Abroad Intake Advisor

Contact: | 310-825-1435

Advising Portfolio: General Advising

Danilo Bonilla

International Programs Advisor

Contact: | 310-794-9820

Advising Portfolio: Argentina, Barbados, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Italy, Mexico, Peru, Spain

Martin A. Garcia II

International Programs Advisor

Contact: | 424-259-5473

Advising Portfolio: UK- England (except Global Cities, Urban Realities multi-city program), UK-Scotland (except Summer Research in Glasgow and Glasgow Summer Physics)

Robert Rodríguez

International Programs Advisor

Contact: | 310-825-0592

Advising Portfolio: Australia, Botswana, China, French Polynesia, Ghana, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Japan, Jordan, Korea, Morocco, New Zealand, Singapore, Solomon Islands, Senegal, South Africa, Taiwan, Tanzania, Thailand, USA


Danielle Samek

Associate Director, UCLA Travel Study

Contact: | 310-794-5195

Travel Study Programs: Management-London; New program proposals & development

Maureen Atalla

Program Coordinator, UCLA Travel Study

Contact: | 310-206-2159

Travel Study Programs: ELTS-French, English (UK, Italy), Global Studies (The Hague), Social Science IDP, Sociology, Spanish (Buenos Aires)

Erika Quiñonez

Program Coordinator, UCLA Travel Study

Contact: | 310-825-2460

Travel Study Programs: Classics/History (Rome); ELTS (Berlin, Copenhagen, Nantes); Spanish (Granada Sessions 1 & 2)

Rory McGillen

Program Coordinator, UCLA Travel Study

Contact: | 310-206-4341

Travel Study Programs: ELTS (Milan & Verona), Global Studies (Tokyo); History (Greece); Management (Amsterdam & Brussels); Spanish (Granada Sessions 1 & 2)

Alejandra Hurtado

Operations Coordinator, UCLA Travel Study

Esteban Puga

Operations Coordinator, UCLA Travel Study

Miranda Ramírez

Operations Coordinator, UCLA Travel Study


Andrew Bottom

Associate Director, Global Internship Program

Contact: | 310-794-4752

Advising Portfolio: Economics, Engineering, Global Health and Public Affairs

Ana Arellano

Global Internship Program Coordinator

Contact: | 310-794-2109

Advising Portfolio: Communication, Education,

Global Affairs, Political Science

Study Abroad Scholarships & Alumni

Wilsi Lieux

Associate Director, Scholarship & Alumni Engagement

Director of International Education Office

Magdalena Barragán

Executive Director