A Guide to Non-UC Study Abroad Programs

If UCEAP, UCLA Summer Travel Study and UCLA Exchange aren’t right for you, our staff is available to help you explore a variety of other programs. Students are encouraged to speak with a counselor in the International Education Office before signing up for a non-UC study abroad program. Please call 310-825-4995 or email info@ieo.ucla.edu to schedule an appointment.

Undergraduate Planned Academic Leave – UCLA offers a Planned Academic Leave (PAL) for undergraduate students to study abroad on non-UC programs. To be granted an academic leave, students REGISTER online after having been accepted into a non-UC program. There is no fee for registering for PAL. While on PAL, students automatically receive enrollment appointments (1st and 2nd pass) to enroll from abroad for the UCLA courses they will need upon return to campus.

Graduate Students – Graduate students should consult with the Graduate Division to determine whether there are requirements when attending a non-UC study abroad program. Notifying the International Education Office is still recommended so we know where and when you are studying abroad.