A Planned Academic Leave (PAL) is a UCLA leave of absence status specifically for students who study abroad on non-UC programs. This helps students avoid readmission paperwork and the UCLA re-admission fee.

A PAL approval ensures that:

  • the UCLA Registrar Office is informed of your study abroad,
  • you will not be charged UCLA fees for the term(s) you are away,
  • and you will receive enrollment passes for the term you return to UCLA.

Undergraduate Students

UCLA undergraduate students who participate on a non-UC study abroad program must register for a Planned Academic Leave (PAL) immediately after being accepted by their program, and no later than 1 month before the start of the UCLA term they will be away.

You will require the following information to register for PAL:

  1. Non-UC Study Abroad Acceptance Letter
  2. Passport Copy
  3. Syllabi or as much available course information of the courses you hope to take abroad

There is no fee to register for PAL. Your PAL request will be reviewed in 3-4 weeks by the UCLA IEO and your College/School. You will receive an email when approved or denied.

Graduate Students

Graduate students should consult with the Graduate Division to determine whether there are requirements when attending a non-UC study abroad program. Notifying the International Education Office is still recommended so we know where and when you are studying abroad.