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One way to fund your study abroad program is to apply for scholarships! It’s important to apply as early as possible, so pay attention to application dates and deadlines.

Here is a list of study abroad scholarships:

Scholarships for UCLA Travel Study

City/CountryNameEstimated Award Application OpensApplication Deadline
FranceUCLA French DepartmentVariesTBATBA
GermanyUCLA German Department$1,000TBATBA
Paris, Shanghai, New York, Hong KongUCLA Global Studies Scholarship$1,000TBATBA
Paris, GreeceUCLA History Department$1,500 TBATBA
AllKomar Shideler Study Abroad Scholarship$2,000January 2021TBA
AllUCLA Travel Study Scholarship50% Program FeeJanuary 2021TBA
Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Granada, MéridaUCLA Spanish & Portuguese Department$500-$1,000TBATBA
ShanghaiShirley Hui Scholarship, UCLA Center for East-West Medicine$800TBATBA
AllShirley and Walter Wang Study Abroad Scholarship$2,000January 2021TBA
UKUK Undergraduate Study Abroad Scholarship1,500January 2021TBA

Scholarships for UCEAP

CountryNameEstimated Award Application OpensApplication Deadline
AnyUCEAP ScholarshipsVariesDuring SummerVaries
AnyFirst-Gen Study Abroad Scholarship$2,000October 1, 2020November 30, 2020
AnyKomar Shideler Study Abroad Scholarship$2,000October 1, 2020November 30, 2020
AnyShirley and Walter Wang Middle Income Study Abroad Scholarship$2,000October 1, 2020November 30, 2020
IsraelHarry C. Sigman ScholarshipVariesOctober 1, 2020November 30, 2020
Israel Mudie Glaser Scholarship VariesOctober 1, 2020November 30, 2020
FranceUCLA French Department ScholarshipsVariesTBATBA
UKUK Undergraduate Study Abroad Scholarship$2,000October 1, 2020November 30, 2020
GermanyArnold Heidsieck ScholarshipVariesTBATBA

Scholarships for UCLA Global Internships

City/CountryNameEligibilityEstimated AwardApplication OpensApplication Deadline
Ireland, Vietnam, UK, ColombiaKramer and Siebert International Internship ScholarshipGlobal Affairs Internship Participants$1,000February 2021TBA
Colombia, Germany, Ireland, Japan, UK, VietnamUCLA Global Internship Program ScholarshipAll Participants$2,500January 2021TBA
AnyShirley and Walter Wang Middle Income Study Abroad ScholarshipAll Participants$2,000January 2021TBA
UKUK Undergraduate Study Abroad ScholarshipInternships in the UK$1,500January 2021TBA

Scholarships for UCLA Global Cities

City/CountryNameEstimated AwardApplication OpensApplication Deadline
Spain, ItalyUCLA Global Cities Scholarship$2,000January 2021TBA
AnyShirley and Walter Wang Middle Income Study Abroad Scholarship$2,000January 2021TBA

Scholarship Directories & Databases

VariousDiversity Abroad Study Abroad Scholarship and Grant DirectorySearch 100+ scholarship and grant opportunities
VariousInstitute of International Education Study Abroad DatabaseSearch by location or course of study
VariousIES Abroad Scholarship DatabaseSearch by a variety of criteria

University Credit Union (UCU) is offering a $7,000 scholarship that can also be used for your study abroad program. Apply at the UCU Website. Application deadline is February 22, 2021.

Need help with your scholarship application essay?  Contact the Undergraduate Writing Center (UWC).

Want to learn more about UCLA scholarships? Visit the Scholarship Resource Center.

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