UCLA Travel Study 2021 Scholarships:

The UCLA International Education Office is pleased to provide scholarships to cover 50% of the program fee for students selected for the UCLA Travel Study scholarship! The scholarships are designed for students who want to engage with their program and highlight their experience to others through content creation during the program, and on-campus/virtual service hours during the following academic year. (Note: UCEAP is not Summer Travel Study; these are two different program types.)

Scholarship Guidelines

Summer (Virtual)

Content creation:

  • 4-6 Instagram posts during the program
  • 1-day takeover of @uclaieo Instagram stories

In addition, pick one of the following – must be approved by staff prior to start of program

  • Written Blog (10 posts)
  • Testimonial video (your experience participating in a virtual program)
    • Either one 3-5 minute video -or- three 1 minute videos
    • Includes zoom interviews with professor and classmates
    • Professional quality

(Total of up to 15 hours)

Fall, Winter, Spring (On-campus/virtual)

Event Support

Peer Advising/Tabling

Information Sessions


Class Announcements

(Total of up to 35 hours)

These expectations are a guideline subject to change based on office needs. Students will be asked to track their service hours.

Policies and Expectations

The International Education Office scholarship will be awarded with the expectation that you complete your Travel Study program and the scholarship service requirements as outlined by the IEO staff in your signed contract. Student Ambassadors are required to complete a total of up to 50 service hours.

There will be quarterly check-ins with staff to monitor your progress and future project assignment.

Failure to adhere to the guidelines and project requirements of this scholarship can result in a hold being placed on their student records during the spring quarter. If a student fails to complete service hours by week seven, IEO retains the right to revoke a portion or the entire amount of the scholarship. In the event that the scholarship is revoked the student is responsible for paying the full fee associated with their program.


  • Up to 10 scholarships available
  • Actual award amounts will vary; students will receive 50% of the program fee for their confirmed program.


  • Applicants must be a UCLA continuing undergraduate student*, in good academic standing, and a participant in a UCLA Travel Study program;
  • Applicants must have confirmed participation in a Travel Study program with a $200 deposit or be currently wait-listed on a full program.

*Because the scholarship tasks include on campus service hours to be completed after your Travel Study program, all applicants must be on campus for the Fall 2021 term at minimum.


  • Application open date: January 4, 2021
  • Application close date: April 5, 2021

Application Instructions

  1. Login to ucla.academicworks.com
  2. Complete the General Scholarship Application
  3. Complete the additional Travel Study Scholarship-specific questions. Within the online application, you will also be asked to:
    • Provide supplemental information: please provide social media/design/visual samples of previous work you have done. For example, you can submit photos, videos, blogs, graphic design work, travel writing, websites you’ve designed, interviews you’ve conducted, etc. (digital submissions only).
    • Upload your resumé as part of the General Application.
  4. Finalists will be invited for an interview. You will be asked to confirm your class schedule and availability if selected as a finalist.

*This scholarship is very competitive and selections are made after a full review by the IEO scholarship committee. Please review further financial aid and scholarship options in addition to fund your program*.