Below you will find answers to questions we most frequently receive regarding the University of California Education Abroad Programs (UCEAP). If your question is not listed here, or if you would like further clarification, please connect with us at


Will my study abroad courses transfer to UCLA?

All courses, units, and grades from UCEAP are guaranteed to transfer to UCLA, which is different from satisfying degree requirements. The coursework automatically counts towards the 180 unit minimum requirements and factor into your cumulative UCLA GPA.

To satisfy major, minor, G.E., foreign language, and other degree requirements, students must petition. Students petition UCEAP courses all the time with their respective departments!

For more information visit our Academics page.

How many courses do I take while abroad?

This varies widely by program, but on average, most summer programs offer two courses and most quarter/semester programs offer three to five. Visit the “Academics” section found on the individual UCEAP program page to see how many courses you are required to enroll in.

Will studying abroad delay my graduation?

Studying abroad is designed for you to make progress towards your UCLA degree! Bruins may be able to satisfy UCLA degree requirements and stay on track for graduation while studying abroad. Nevertheless, we encourage students to speak with their major and primary advising unit (AAP, CAC, Honors, School of Engineering, etc.) to review their academic plan.

I plan to graduate the quarter I study abroad. Is that possible?

It is possible to participate in a study abroad program your last quarter(s) at UCLA – we’ve had students do so! If you are interested in doing so, we strongly encourage you to speak with your major and primary advising unit (AAP, CAC, Honors, School of Engineering, etc.) Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • It can take up to three months for your coursework to transfer to UCLA. This means your degree will not be conferred until UCLA has obtained your UCEAP grades. This is important to keep in mind if you require a UCLA diploma or transcript for things like graduate school, or a job.
  • Your ability to participate in UCLA commencement ceremonies will depend on your program end date. If your program overlaps with commencement dates, unfortunately, you would not be able to shorten your program or leave early to attend.

Can I study abroad after graduation?

Yes and no.

To participate on UCEAP, you must be a currently enrolled UCLA student. With permission from your academic advising unit (College, Engineering, TFT, etc.), you may be able to extend your expected graduation term from Spring to Summer or to the following Fall to participate on a UCEAP program.

In these cases, you can participate in graduation commencement ceremonies (if eligible) that Spring term, and then go abroad. Some refer to this as “studying abroad after graduation,” though technically you will not have graduated until that study abroad term is completed and applicable credit has been allocated accordingly.

If you will have completed all your degree requirements and are not looking to extend your graduation term, unfortunately, you cannot participated on UCEAP after graduation.

If you receive UCLA financial aid there are additional considerations, please connect with our study abroad office!


When should I start planning?

Today! Whether you plan to study abroad next summer or two years from now, we encourage students to start planning as early as possible. Identifying the right program takes time. A few programs may even have prerequisites that students will need to complete pre-departure.

Click here to view our general Study Abroad Timeline.

When are UCEAP applications due?

Deadlines vary by program. Some programs are highly-impacted and we strongly recommend students to apply as early as possible, as most are first-come, first-served.

View our UCEAP Deadlines here.

Where can I access the UCEAP application?

You can access an application on UCEAP’s homepage by clicking the “Apply Now” button.

I submitted my UCEAP application, when will I hear back?

Once you have submitted the UCEAP Application and the UCLA IEO Questionnaire, you should expect to receive a nomination within 6 weeks after the application deadline.

Can I participate on more than one UCEAP program?

Yes! Students can participate on more than one UCEAP program. Simply keep in mind there is a maximum of 56 UCEAP units you can transfer to UCLA.

If you are interested in participating in back-to-back programs, please discuss this plan with a study abroad advisor as soon as possible. Back-to-back program combinations require careful planning and some combinations may not be feasible due to logistic and country entry requirements.

Can I submit more than one application?

The IEO cannot accept multiple or “back-up” applications, but there are a few exceptions. Most UCEAP programs are not limited space. Provided you meet the eligibility criteria for your preferred program, generally there is no reason why you wouldn’t be nominated, and as a result there is no need to submit multiple applications.

We allow a backup application only when a student is waitlisted or when the program is not first-come first-served; the latter is a rare. On the other hand, students can submit more than one application if they intend to participate on multiple or back-to-back programs.


How competitive are these programs?

Most of our programs are first-come, first-served. They do not require a letter of recommendation, or a personal statement, though there are exceptions. Provided you meet the program’s eligibility requirements and submit your application by the deadline, you should be participating on the selected program.

Can I study abroad if I’m a transfer student?

Yes, it is possible for transfer students to study abroad! Given the tight timeframe, we encourage transfer students to plan early.

If you’re a transfer student interested in studying abroad, connect with the IEO to learn more!

Do I need to be fluent in a language other than English to participate?

Most programs do not require knowledge of a language other than English and offer a variety of courses taught in English. On the other hand, some programs only offer coursework in the language of the host country. The UCEAP program pages will indicate which language courses are taught in.

If courses abroad require some knowledge of a language other than English, the “Dates and Eligibility” tab on the UCEAP program page will breakdown the prerequisites.

For more information on program language prerequisites, speak with a study abroad advisor.


Does UCEAP have an application fee?

UCEAP does not charge an application fee.

For a few UCEAP summer programs the host abroad may charge an application fee. Please refer to the individual UCEAP application “Instructions and Requirements” for more information.

How much does it cost to participate on a UCEAP program?

The cost of a program abroad can be less than, equal to, or more than studying at UCLA. Factors that contribute to the overall cost of studying abroad can include: term abroad, location, length of study, and total units .

For example: A fall term at International Christian University (ICU) in Japan costs about the same as studying and living in on-campus at UCLA. And ICU is also half the cost of a fall program in Prague!

The UCEAP estimated expenses account for all costs students are expected to incur including tuition, housing, travel insurance, and budgets for airfare, transportation, and meals. Visit the ‘Cost’ section of individual UCEAP program pages to view the estimated expenses and to customize your total program estimate.

Can I use my UCLA financial aid to study abroad?

Yes! Students who wish to use their UCLA financial aid should submit their FAFSA by the March  priority deadline. The Financial Aid Office will adjust your award based on your UCEAP program budget. Financial aid awards may consist of scholarship, grants, and/or loans.

Note: If you plan to study abroad summer as your last term at UCLA, you must  apply for FAFSA one last time to be eligible to receive financial aid.

Travel & Program Extension

Can I travel before and/or after my program?

UCEAP does not monitor personal travel before or after the program. Yet, in some cases students must enter and/or leave their host country within a predetermined time frame. Students are free to make their personal travel arrangements provided that they abide by the appropriate immigration policies of their travel destinations, and provided they follow their program arrival and departure instructions.

Can I extend my program once abroad?

It may be possible to extend your study abroad participation once abroad, but in some cases it may require pre-departure planning. Consult with your study abroad advisor as soon as possible.