The week has been consumed by massive thunderstorms, but the weather here in Brisbane is under 80! To say I am happy would be an understatement. I completed my first week of classes at UQ and I could not be more excited with the courses I am taking (Environmental Policy, Gender and Global Politics, Global Population Crisis, and Australian Foreign Policy). I am fortunate enough to have class only on Tuesday and Wednesday (meaning I have a five-day weekend) but it is definitely a major challenge to have 12 hours worth of class in two days. Keep reading to gain an insight into daily life as an official student at UQ.

Pre-Departure Enrollment

Prior to arriving, I had to enroll in classes using the system (you receive your student login information on your Unconditional Offer for Incoming Exchange Program). Although enrolling classes while in California went smoothly, I found the task to be confusing (and a little intimidating) because of the of steps you need to take to enroll.

Here is a step by step guide to ensure you classes you are interested in:

  1. Begin by looking at the list of Courses and Programs offered during your semester abroad. Under refine search, select ‘Undergraduate’ and ‘Internal.’ Most importantly, under the course option select the ‘Show only pre-approved courses for Study Abroad students’ to ensure the courses you take will transfer over to your home university for academic credit.
  2. After selecting the courses you are interested (write down the course code for each), log in to your my.UQ portal. Select mySI-net on the left side of your screen to be redirected to the enrollment page. The page will first prompt you to provide your personal information (address, contact number, email address) before allowing you to enroll.
  3. On the main page, select Add Course and enter the course code (for example, POLS3115). Click the ‘Add Course’ button and you are all set! Continue to do this step until you have included all the courses you need.
  4. Important Note: In terms of enrolling in the class, you are done. But, you will need to enroll in your discussion sections (at UQ, these are referred to as tutorials or workshops). Return to the main page on mySI-net and click the Sign On button. The page will list the classes you have chosen to enroll in, while listing the respective enrollment dates/times for your tutorial/workshop. If under SignOn Status you see ‘Not Applicable,’ you are all done!
    1. If you need to SignOn (enroll) in a tutorial/workshop, note the date/time listed is based on Brisbane time. Make sure you are on the page and it is fully loaded at least 10 minutes before your designated time because spaces go fast. One neat thing about class enrollment is there is no cap (meaning as many students interested can enroll) but tutorials/workshops are limited.
    2. Do not freak out (as I did) if you see your enrollment for a tutorial/workshop is after your first lecture. This is normal for popular classes!

One of the most helpful resources in picking your courses for your time abroad is the Electronic Course Profile (EPC). You can find the Course Profile for each course on the Courses and Programs website. On each EPC, you will find all the information you need: course syllabus, date of assessments, weekly learning activities, and contact information. Moreover, if you are wondering how I ended up with four classes and three tutorials in two days, here is your answer. When enrolling in classes on mySI-net, the day/time the class takes place is not provided. You will only be able to see when your class meets if you add it to your timetable on your my.UQ portal – DO THIS BEFORE ENROLLING TO AVOID CLASHES BETWEEN CLASSES.

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

Daily life at UQ is not much different than daily life at UCLA (except for the absence of the hill and Janss Steps). Depending on how far from the campus you live, you can either walk, ride the bus, or take a ferry (yes, you read that right). To take either a bus or ferry to campus, all you need is a GoCard. A GoCard can be purchased at any convenience store on campus and then registered online to secure student concession prices. To use you GoCard, you tap on when entering and tap off when exiting the bus/ferry, it is that simple!

Classes are held in lecture theatres and tutorials/workshops are held in group learning rooms or computer labs. The only noticeable difference between how classes function compared to UCLA is that classes here are recorded. If you are sick and cannot attend lecture or if you missed an important part of the lesson, you can view/hear the lecture online on your my.UQ portal at your disposal. Lecture recordings are uploaded on the site and will be available until the end of the semester. Use these to supplement your learning! Professors are more than available after class and during office hours to discuss assignments and in-class material.

After class, you can find a plethora of study spaces and restaurants to meet your needs. From Indian Feast to Burger Urge, you will find anything and everything. One important note to the future student who seeks iced coffee – do not, I repeat, do not order an iced coffee at a café. An iced coffee is equivalent to a coffee milkshake (it literally has a scoop or two of vanilla ice cream). If you are looking for iced coffee, order an iced latte! Additionally, the student government graciously provides free breakfast at the UQ Union Student Hub on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Free dinner is also provided on Wednesdays. Take advantage of these opportunities and save money every week!

20 Minute Getaway

If you need to destress or need a phenomenal study spot for a major exam, head to Brisbane CBD or Southbank. At Southbank, you can dive into the beach (man-made, of course), visit the Queensland Museum of Art, or ride the Wheel of Brisbane with some friends. Brisbane CBD is filled with stores, restaurants, live-music, and a bowling alley (similar to Santa Monica Pier but with a more intimate feel). The largest Brisbane City Library is also located along the riverbank and offers a perfect study spot!

Monica Martinez studied abroad in Brisbane, Australia in Spring 2017: