Theater, Film and Television Guidelines for UCEAP

Theater, Film and Television (TFT) majors successfully study abroad. Over three dozen TFT majors study abroad every year.

Popular Countries and Programs for TFT Majors

TFT majors have utilized UCEAP to gain an international perspective on theater, film, and television, but they have also taken advantage of this opportunity to fulfill GE requirements, improve foreign language skills and supplement their UCLA coursework with an enriching experience abroad. For example, students have taken courses on filmmaking and feminist film and television theory at the University of Melbourne in Australia.  Some have explored playwriting and principles of directing at the University of Dublin, while others have studied acting at UNAM in Mexico City.  The opportunities are endless, but these have been the most popular countries with TFT majors in recent years:

1.UK/Ireland; 2.Italy; 3.Spain; 4.Mexico; 5.France 6.Australia, Brazil, Chile, Denmark, Germany

Information on Coursework to Take Abroad for TFT Majors

Although ALL units and grades from UCEAP courses transfer automatically to your UCLA transcript and count towards graduation, applying the courses to major, minor or school requirements requires department approval.  In Theater, Film, and Television:

Film majors can satisfy their GE, literature and foreign language requirements abroad. They may also fulfill their prep for the major course abroad as well. They cannot fulfill any of their core courses or their specialization courses abroad.

Theater majors can satisfy similar requirements but may have more flexibility with major courses abroad depending on their specialization.

Of the last 45 units completed for the bachelor’s degree, 35 must be earned in residence in the School of Theater, Film and Television to meet the Academic Residence Requirement. Studying abroad your senior year may not be a possibility.

For specific questions regarding requirements and course transfers, contact your major adviser:

Advice from TFT Department Advisers

  • Film majors should plan far in advance if they wish to study abroad, using UCEAP to fulfill GE requirements in the first or second year.
  • Theater majors should similarly plan ahead but may have more flexibility in the third year, especially those specializing in playwriting, design/production and general theater studies.
  • Theater performance and film production classes are offered abroad through UCEAP.  Interested students should work closely with UCEAP and TFT counselors if interested in these options.
  • Summer programs abroad are an appealing option to students whose TFT major courses might commit them to spend Fall, Winter, and Spring at UCLA.