The following information is about the 2019 Summer Physics programs. It is the most up to date information available at this time. Information about 2020 Summer Physics programs will be available in early September 2019. Please check back here at that time.

UCEAP offers summer programs across seven countries where UCLA students can complete their Physics for Life Science series (5ABC or 6ABC). Physical science and engineering students can also satisfy the Physics 1ABC series, but only at the University of Glasgow. These are highly popular programs that fill up as soon as we begin receiving applications. This page provides UCLA-specific information about the application process and receiving credit for these programs. Visit the respective UCEAP program pages to learn more about the individual destinations; you can find the links in our FAQ section.

Fall 2018 Info Session

The IEO hosts an info session on campus every fall for the Summer Physics programs. We discuss the new application process, eligibility, academics, social programming, and finances among other topics. There is a student panel of returnees who have recently participated on these programs to share their experiences peer-to-peer. The event for this year took place on October 4th. Here is a link to the PowerPoint presentation of the material covered. The PowerPoint contains everything you need to know about these programs! We are trying to access a recording of the livestream – if successful, we will post the full video here.

Application Process for Summer 2019

Step 1: Online First-Come, First-Served – Students will submit their ranked program preferences at via this link when it goes live on Thursday, October 11 at 7:30 a.m. The order in which students submit this online form will determine the priority given to those students’ preferences. The portal to submit preferences will close on Friday, October 12 at 4 p.m.

Step 2: Wait for Your Offer – Within a week you will receive an email with a “program offer” indicating which of your highest ranked preferences you have secured a spot on. The IEO must still review your eligibility in the coming weeks, but provided you meet the minimum requirements and remain in good academic standing, there is no reason why you shouldn’t secure a spot on the program you are offered!

Step 3: Apply in MyEAP – After receiving your program offer, you will be instructed to complete the MyEAP application for your assigned program. Complete the online application, print your forms, sign them, scan them into one PDF file, and upload them to the portal listed in the MyEAP instructions.

Step 4: Receive your Nomination – The IEO will then review your actual application to ensure you meet the eligibility criteria. Before the end of Fall quarter, students will receive their program nomination. At this point, you will have secured a spot on your respective program!

For more detailed information, peruse this PowerPoint from our Fall info session.


  • Where can I complete my Physics for Life Science (5ABC or 6ABC) series?
  • Where can I complete my Physics for Physical Science (1ABC) series?
  • What happens if I don’t secure a spot for my number one choice for Summer 2019?
    • We will go down your preferences until there is an option that still has a space available. You will be given 24 hours to confirm your interest in submitting an application for the program you are offered. If we do not hear from you, your offer will be forfeited.
  • Will there be a waitlist for these programs?
    • At the moment, we do not expect to create waitlists for programs to help us allocate spots quickly. If this changes, we will notify applicants.
  • Is there financial aid available for these programs?
    • Eligible students can use some of their UCLA financial aid on these programs. The UCLA Financial Aid Office (FAO) offers aid that range from combined grant-loan packages to all loan packages depending on a students FAFSA record. The package is based on covering the full budget of the program which includes all essential costs like tuition, labs, application, housing, and budgets for meals, transportation, and airfare. Please contact the UCLA FAO if you have further financial aid questions. We also encourage all students to apply to scholarships – you will find a number of need-based and merit-based scholarships here!
  • Will medical schools accept this program for the “year of physics requirement?”
    • The UCLA IEO cannot guarantee that medical schools will accept this coursework. Students are responsible for consulting with the medical schools of interest for confirmation. Nonetheless, since as early as summer of 2011 we have had over 100 UCLA students, mostly pre-meds, complete these programs and successfully apply to medical schools across the U.S without an issue. The coursework from these programs is converted into UC credit and shows up on your UCLA transcript.
  • Are there other summer programs abroad where I can complete STEM prerequisites?
    • Yes! UCEAP offers two other programs that have been pre-approved by the respective UCLA departments.
      • Math 33A and Math 33B – Students can satisfy UCLA’s Differential Equations and Linear Algebra courses at the University of Glasgow! This program also includes an experimental Scottish History course that takes you to sites across Scotland. UCLA students in the College or in Engineering can use this course to satisfy their Historical Analysis GE.
      • Chemistry 30A, 30AL, 30B, 30BL – Starting in Summer 2019, University College Dublin will offer two courses students can take to satisfy a portion of UCLA’s Organic and General Chemistry series.
  • Is there a way to learn about these programs from another UCLA student?
    • Yes! If you are interested in getting in touch with a student who has completed one of the physics programs, please email with the program of interest. Also, here are a couple of blogs previous students created for Sussex, DublinGlasgow, and Nicosia; please note that exact program details are always changing.
  • Do I need to come in-person to the UCLA study abroad office in Murphy Hall to secure a spot or submit my summer physics application?
    • Please see our instructions on the application process for Summer 2019 above. The first-come, first-served process is now online and applicants to the summer physics programs no longer need to bring in their hardcopy forms. All other students must still bring in their physical forms into our office.