GE credit for UCEAP Courses

It is possible to satisfy General Education (GE) requirements with courses taken while studying abroad on UCEAP. If this is your goal, you must meet with a School/College counselor to discuss your academic plan. It is strongly recommended that you petition for GE credit prior to leaving for your program so that you know before you take a course abroad, whether or not it can satisfy the GE requirement you need. Prior to departure, some students are not sure what specific UCEAP courses they will be taking (or they cannot get access to course descriptions). Once you have the necessary course information you should contact your School/College counselor, as they can give you a provisional decision regarding GE credit.

To petition for GE credit prior to your departure, please follow these steps:

  1. Obtain a syllabus (in English) or as detailed course description as possible for each course you wish to petition.
  2. Students in the College of Letters and Science should follow these instructions for submission. Students in others schools, should contact their respective Schools for instructions.
  3. Fill out the petition request, identifying the UCEAP course and stating specifically for which GE you would like it to apply.
  4. Example: Apply Spanish Art History, to be taken on UCEAP Madrid, Spring 2020, towards GE/Foundations of Arts and Humanities/Visual and Performance Arts requirement.
  5. Submit petition(s) to your College primary counseling unit, with syllabus or detailed course description(s) attached.
  6. Allow at least 10 business days for review and processing of your petition(s). Then check your MyUCLA page (“petition” link) for the decision and follow-up instructions. Please be aware that not all petitions are approved.
  7. Approved petitions are “provisional,” which means that they are not applied to the GE requirements on your DPR until you successfully complete the course(s) abroad and follow Step 7 below.
  8. Once you have returned and your UCEAP courses and grades appear on your UCLA record, contact your College primary counseling unit, in person or via email, in order to have provisionally approved course(s) posted to the GE requirements on your DPR.

Petitioning While Abroad

Once you have the necessary course information, you can also email your UCLA School/College counseling unit asking for a provisional decision on GE credit.