UCLA Travel Study

Asian American Studies

#NativeJustice: Social Movements in Guam

  • Dates

    TBA: Cancelled for 2022

  • Location

    Mangilao, Guam

  • Participation Advisory

    COVID-19 vaccine may be required by some venues on Guam

  • Program Fee

    UC Undergrads: $6,000

    UC Grad Students: $6,600

    Visting Students: $6,600

    Fees are subject to change by action of the UC Regents: View full fee disclaimer

*Program cancelled for summer 2022*

Annexed by the United States in 1898, Guam has long been a dynamic site for both the rise of American imperial expansion in the Pacific and for the persistence of indigenous ways of life. UCLA’s Guam Travel Study program takes you to the crossroads of these forces by discussing social movements on the island, providing an appreciation of international politics, and engaging vital community-based knowledge and practices.  As the saying goes, Guam is “Where America’s Day Begins.”  Join us and find out what happens the rest of the day.

Facilitated by Professor Keith L. Camacho of the UCLA Asian American Studies Department, students will spend a summer in the U.S. territory of Guam, learn about the island’s legacy of social justice, and make positive contributions to the community. Over a period of four weeks, students will thus explore native forms of justice in the widest sense possible.

From the ecological preservation of jungle and reef habitats to the ongoing quest for indigenous Chamorro self-determination, students will receive training in and everyday exposure to the social movements of Guam, the Mariana Islands, and the wider Asia-Pacific. By way of weekly field trips to cultural landmarks, food fairs, local museums, and World War II battle sites, students will also immerse themselves in the island’s political and social landscape.  Finally, students will partner with various non-profit organizations, conduct original research projects for them, and critically reflect on the multiple meanings and applications of social justice.


Program Courses

All students will enroll in two required courses while attending the program:

  • AAS 177 (4 units)
  • AAS 140XP (4 units)

Course Descriptions

AAS 177: Social Movements in Guam and Pacific (4 units)

Prerequisites:  None

This course surveys Asian, Chamorro, and Pacific Islander social movements in Guam, the Mariana Islands, and Oceania from the late nineteenth century to the present. The goal is to foster a comparative understanding of protest and resistance among the immigrant and indigenous communities of the Pacific.

*May be used to count towards the Global/Transnational Perspectives requirement for the UCLA Asian American Studies major or minor

AAS 140XP: Community-Based Research in Guam (Power to People: Asian American and Pacific Islander Community-Based Learning) (4 units)

Prerequisites:  None

This course places groups of students in diverse non-profit organizations in Guam. The issues addressed by these organizations may include disability access, environmental preservation, health awareness, indigenous rights, language survival, and native performance, among other topics.  By way of community engagement and faculty supervision, students have ample opportunities to learn from and participate in organizational initiatives and activities.

*May be used to count towards the Engaged Scholarship requirement for the UCLA Asian American Studies major or minor

Optional Courses

AAS 199: Directed Research (4 units)

Students also have the option of enrolling in an optional 199 course, allowing them to do an additional assignment on a topic related to the travel study program. Students should discuss the subject and format of their directed research with the instructor prior to enrolling. There is an additional fee for this optional course.

Students can enroll in optional courses by submitting the Optional Course Registration Form, as well as proof of instructor consent, to info@ieo.ucla.edu. You can enroll up until the Friday of the second week of your program.

Budget and Financial Aid

Budget Estimate UC Undergrads UC Grad Students Visiting Student
Program Fee $6,000  $6,600  $6,600
Textbooks (estimate)  $150  $150  $150
Airfare (estimate)  $2,200 $2,200 $2,200
Meals (estimate)  $700 $700 $700
Spending Money (estimate)  $800 $800 $800

Program fee includes registration and course fees, accommodations, program excursions, some meals and health insurance.

Airfare, textbooks, optional courses, meals optional excursions, and any COVID-19 testing required for travel are additional.

Fees are subject to change by action of the UC Regents. View full fee disclaimer.

Document Fee

Non-UCLA students will be charged a $50 Document Fee. This is a one-time document fee which covers fees for first-class mailing of official transcripts, diploma and much more. Please visit the Registrar’s Office Website for more information. Matriculated UCLA Students: Please visit the Registrar’s Office Website for document fee information.


All undergraduate students will be charged a $61 IEI fee per summer. The IEI (Instructional Enhancement Initiative) fee is a course materials fee that is charged in order to support the use of technology in undergraduate education at UCLA. For more information please click here.


We recommend that you budget accordingly to cover optional sightseeing, laundry, internet cafes, emergencies, etc.  How much to budget depends on your travel, entertainment, and souvenir choices. It is always best to overestimate your spending. Take the time to research the cost of living in your destination and the activities you want to participate in while abroad.

Purchasing Airfare

We typically advise students to wait until late March to purchase airplane tickets for summer programs.

Optional Course Fee
Optional 199 UC Undergrads UC Grad Students Visiting Students
Course Fee $279 per unit $349 per unit $360 per unit

Fees are subject to change by action of the UC Regents.

Financial Aid

Financial aid for Summer Sessions Travel Study programs is available to qualified UCLA students. All other students should inquire about financial aid at their home institution. For details about the financial aid application process, please visit the Financial Aid section of this web site

On Location


Students will reside in a hotel in double occupancy rooms.

UCLA Travel Study reserves the right to change housing location. Should this be necessary, we will arrange comparable accommodations elsewhere.


Lunch provided twice a week at the hotel. Breakfast and other meals are purchased on own.

If you have strict dietary requirements, this program may not be able to accommodate your needs. Please let us know when you apply for this program if you have any special dietary needs as well as any physical or medical conditions. We will advise you accordingly.


This program includes several visits to local organizations and excursions as part of its curriculum. A full schedule of excursions will be available at a later date.

Free time is built into this program for independent sightseeing.

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