UCEAP Global Start Program For Freshman Admits

Give your UCLA education an international foundation with Global Start!
The program consists of two parts: a special UCLA orientation in the summer and fall quarter with UCEAP. You will start your first year of college with a curated summer experience at UCLA where you’ll meet new friends and be welcomed into your campus community. Then, you will spend fall quarter in Europe with a tight community of UC students, making lasting friendships while fulfilling general education requirements.

Global Start is an experience unlike anything you will find on campus.

  • Enjoy small class sizes and avoid waitlists for courses that you need.
  • Take advantage of an array of cultural and co-curricular activities.
  • With Europe as your classroom, take courses infused with local history and culture and go on excursions that bring lectures to life.
  • Explore new disciplines or start taking courses for your major.
  • Immerse yourself in the local community and develop intercultural and language skills.

Designed with specialized programming to ease the transition from high school to university, Global Start promotes not only academic success but also supports student social and personal development. The program includes services related to mental health, study habits, writing skills, living independently, career readiness, preparation for returning to campus in the winter, and connection with local communities to help you thrive and flourish abroad. Every class fulfills a GE requirement and counts toward your UCLA degree.

The knowledge, experiences, and skills you gain abroad on Global Start will create a foundation for success throughout the rest of college and beyond.

Spaces are limited, so apply today to secure your spot!

Program Features

  • Pre-departure and on-site orientations to answer all your questions
  • Tailored summer orientation experience at UCLA to welcome you to the UC community
  • Group travel from California to your program location
  • Small UC classes with supportive and engaging instructors
  • Weekly extracurricular activities and excursions like market tours, museum visits, performances, walking tours, and sporting events to learn more about the host culture
  • Volunteer and service opportunities in your host community
  • 24/7 health and safety support
  • Student health and travel insurance
  • Support from UCLA, UCEAP, and on-site staff throughout the program
  • Re-entry prep and advising to ensure a smooth transition back to your campus in the winter
  • Campus housing guaranteed for when you return to UCLA

Program Benefits

  • Enjoy a liberal arts experience with small classes and personalized attention
  • Satisfy general education requirements
  • Hone academic skills needed to succeed at UCLA while gaining a sense of community and belonging
  • Make connections and build a strong network of peers
  • Build confidence, independence, and life skills
  • Increase your intercultural understanding and adaptability

Program Dates

Summer through Fall quarter

  • Summer Orientation (date TBD)
  • Fall quarter abroad (September 20–December 14, 2024)


Open to incoming first year students who meet the following criteria:

  • Recently admitted to UCLA. You will go abroad with first year students from UCD, UCI, and UCSD’s Eleanor Roosevelt College (we hope to welcome students from other campuses in future years).
  • Be 18 years old by September 20, 2024
  • Have a US or EU passport by September 20, 2024, that is valid at least three months beyond date of departure (other nationalities may require a visa)


Sevilla, Spain
As Southern Spain’s capital city, Seville is a cosmopolitan, vibrant, and easily navigable city where tradition and innovation go hand in hand. Modern Seville still maintains traces of its rich cultural history, allowing students to live and study amongst Roman ruins, Moorish & Renaissance-style architecture, the Jewish quarters of Santa Cruz, and the largest Gothic cathedral in the world, all providing an ideal backdrop to the continuation of Global Start students’ cultural learning abroad. City life in Seville is both vibrant and relaxed, offering the best of both worlds for students as they strengthen and develop their global competence and values to serve lives of purpose.

Siracusa, Italy
In the bustling city of Syracuse, students will find the ideal setting to immerse themselves in the local culture, a unique combination of Italian and Mediterranean, marked by distinctive traditions and some of the best food in Europe. Sicily’s long history as a crossroad of civilizations makes it a perfect place for a cross-cultural learning experience. Syracuse offers a rich and colorful tapestry of street markets, delightful cafés, and the majestic Greek temples of Apollo and Athena, used over the centuries as a place of worship by Greeks, Romans, Arabs, and Christians.

Program Timeline

Application opens March 1, 2024
Application closes May 17, 2024
Summer campus experience Date TBD between July and August
Fall quarter abroad starts September 20, 2024
Fall quarter abroad ends December 14, 2024

Program Contacts

UCLA contact: Kelly Zuniga (kzuniga@ieo.ucla.edu) and Robert Rodriguez (rrodriguez@ieo.ucla.edu)

UCEAP contacts: (TBD)