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Financial Aid

Financial concerns should never prevent you from pursuing your dream to study abroad. Because the UCEAP program is closely integrated into the academic structure of the University of California, you are allowed to apply any funds received through Financial Aid to your time abroad. Since you continue to pay UC tuition and are still enrolled at UCLA, all of your financial aid applies toward your time abroad.

For more information, including sample financial aid packages, please read through the Financial Aid Guide to UCEAP put together by the UCLA FAO.


Visit our scholarship resources page for information about a variety of scholarships available to UCEAP participants.

Most scholarships will require certification from both a study abroad advisor and financial aid advisor.

  • An IEO study abroad advisor will certify your applicaiton.
  • See below for the financial aid advisor who will certify your application.

Financial Aid Advisors for UCEAP

Please e-mail for the quickest response.


  • Morgan Quijano                                   Countries A-I
    E-mail: mquijano@saonet.ucla.edu
    Phone: (310) 206-7283
    Fax: (310) 206-7419
  • Eileen Preciado                                    Countries J-T
    E-mail: epreciado@saonet.ucla.edu        
    Phone:  (310) 825-4231
    Fax: (310) 206-7419
  • Gustavo Sanchez                                 Countries U-Z (including all United Kingdom)
    E-mail:  gsanchez@saonet.ucla.edu        
    Phone: (310) 206-1843
    Fax: (310) 206-7419