Major and Minor Credit for UCEAP Courses

ALL units and grades transfer automatically to your UCLA transcript and count towards the 180 units needed for graduation.

However, applying UCEAP courses for major, minor, college, or school requirements MUST be petitioned with the department, college, or school. Policies vary so be sure to examine the requirements for your department and/or college or school and speak with your department advisor. Also note that some Schools/College restrict the number of units that may be applied towards the major.  Please consult your School/College for more information.

Researching UCEAP courses for Major/Minor Requirements:

  • Review the courses/policies required for your major/minor (often on department websites), including those that must be taken at UCLA.
  • Search for UCEAP coursework to fulfill your department’s requirements:
    • Using the Course Finder — a database of the last 5 years of coursework taken by previous UCEAP students
    • Visit the website of your intended university — often you can find more complete and up-to-date course listings
    • Visit your department office — some departments keep a record of UCEAP courses previously approved for major/minor credit

The Academic Planning Form (APF)

The APF is an optional form you can use to plan your academics abroad with your major/minor advisor.  After reviewing your major/minor requirements take the syllabi, course descriptions, or whatever information you have available about the courses you plan to take abroad to your major/minor advisor for their feedback and signature. In most cases, departments will not guarantee that a particular course abroad will fulfill particular requirements however, advisors can provide useful feedback about the likelihood of courses to be approved.

Ongoing communication

Once abroad, we encourage you to keep in touch via e-mail with your advisors on their opinion about the actual courses end up taking.

When you return to UCLA after UCEAP, bring with you all evidence (syllabi, exams, projects, papers, etc.) of work that you completed to finalize the petition process. Carry this material with you on your return flight and mail a set of copies to California so to be sure one set arrives safely. This information is too valuable to lose!