My friends and I had an amazing time exploring the surplus of delicious restaurants in Lima. I may say it over and over again but there is no denying that the food in Peru is delicious. Here’s a list of some of my favorite restaurants that we visited.

Punto Azul: Miraflores

Type of Food: Delicious seafood restaurant with an assortment of Peruvian dishes. This was my favorite place for cebiche in Peru and I would highly recommend the Criolla Cebiche. Other delicious dishes that my friends and I tried were the squid ink fettuccine with fresh shrimp and scallops and the chaufa-style fried rice with shrimp and fish. Every dish was fresh and rich with flavor.

Ambiance: Casual, modern, upbeat with enough charm to make you feel comfortable while enjoying a top of the notch meal

Price: $$ Entrees range from around 30-40 soles


Panchita: Miraflores

Type of Food: Large portions of home-style traditional Peruvian dishes. This restaurant has all of the classic dishes of Peru all cooked with bold flavors, tender meats, and rich textures. Panchita is the best place in Lima to experience the Peruvian style home made food. My favorite meal was the Adobo Don Pancho, a pork dish with some of the most tender and flavorful meat I’ve ever tasted. Other great dishes Tacu Saltado, Chaufa don Pancho, and the Lomo Saltado.

Ambiance: Comfort food served in a high-end restaurant. A great place for a nice dinner (be sure to make reservations ahead of time to avoid the long lines during peak season).

Price: $$ Entrees range from around 50-70 soles


Chifa Chung Yion/Chifa Union: Barranco

Type of Food: This hole in the wall restaurant is a great place to try out the Peruvian style Chinese food called Chifa. The portions here are gigantic and the menu has a huge assortment of different types of noodles, rice, meat entrees, and soups. My favorite dish was the pollo naranja (orange chicken) however this orange chicken is nothing like you’ll find in the United States but is made with fresh orange flavors and tempura fried chicken.

Ambiance: Casual, family-friendly, a local restaurant for big parties and hungry customers.

Price: $ Entrees range from 20-30 soles but can be shared between 2-4 people


Burrito Bar: Barranco

Type of Food: I craved these amazing burritos constantly during my time in Lima. With your choice of steak, chicken, pork, or veggie burritos, tacos, and salads, this small restaurant has freshly made food for lunch and dinner. The tortillas here are to die for and all of the meats are flavorful and delicious.

Ambience: Trendy, casual, but simple. This small restaurant is a popular place for the local surfers around Barranco

Price: $


La Lucha: Miraflores and Lima Airport

Type of food: The best fast food sandwiches you’ll ever try. This Peruvian style sandwich and juice place makes incredible food with crispy fresh-made bread, tender meats, and tons of flavorful sauces. My favorite meal was the Pollo con Piña (chicken and pineapple) with an order of the classic fries and a chicha morada for the drink.

Ambiance: Casual, fast-food with extremely friendly staff

Price: $

Coffee Shops

Ágora café y Arte: Conveniently located in Kennedy Park, this cafe is a great place to sit and work on a computer while enjoying an empanada and a cappuccino

Puku Puku: Really great coffee with limited seating but very friendly staff. A great place to grab coffee before starting your day

El Pan De La Chola: A trendy cafe with incredible sandwiches and pastries. Great place to do some work early in the morning or late after dinner.

Mika Nagamoto studied abroad in Lima and Iquitos, Peru, in summer 2018: