By Tecpatl Kuauhtzin

My journey with the Native Justice program begins in the school year, during which I learned about the opportunity to participate in this travel study during an Asian American Studies course. Immediately, I was interested in learning more about the Chamoru people and Guam, and how their experiences relate to mine as a Native American youth living in a heavily industrialized and colonial space. I had always been interested in participating in a study abroad program, but never felt connected to one as much as this one. The scope of the program, from working with Chamoru community organizations to working with the environment, was important to me as a student focused on American Indian issues and environmental protection.

Fast forward to today, July 6, I am sitting in the airplane and will be arriving to Guam shortly to meet my cohort and attend our orientation.

Tecpatl studied abroad in Guam in Summer 2019.