What did you learn during your UCLA Global Internship program?
During my internship I was able to learn a lot about PCB design in terms of how to create the most efficient design, the many different specifications available, and the different options for the manufacturing and assembly process. I think it was interesting to attend team meetings and learn about how the company planned to grow and the steps they would take to get there.

What was your favorite part of the program?
I think something really great about the Global Internship program is that it’s not just an internship with your host company. The company UCLA works with, CRCC Asia, provides so many resources to help you really get the most out of your internship. This includes helpful articles, career modules, and one-on-one coaching calls. I think it really helped me make the most of my internship and build my professional skills.

How do you think this internship program will help your future career?

This experience has made me more confident in my abilities as an engineer and more motivated to continue to learn and work in this field. My internship has helped me develop my ability to solve problems on my own, while also being comfortable asking questions when I need to.

How did interning abroad compare to other internships or jobs you’ve had? What made your internship unique or memorable?

For my company in particular, although they were based in Japan, the team was made up of individuals from many other countries as well. It was interesting to see how a team made up of people from different countries was able to provide many unique perspectives that could be used to elicit the best possible results.

What advice would you give future students who want to participate in the Global Internship Program? 

As a Virtual Internship participant, I would recommend developing a set routine and schedule and sticking to it. The flexibility of a remote internship can be convenient, but routine and schedule can help with motivation and focus as you work from home.