The river is a refreshing place to take a stroll. Whenever the hot summer sun felt too unbearable, I would go to the river by Pont Marie, order a freshly pressed pamplemouse (grapefruit juice) and absorb the view.

There are places on the riverside cafés that are renovated boats. You can grab a refreshment and sit on the water. I enjoyed Monsieur Pelican, situated close to Pont Marie and Hôtel de Ville.

Friends talking by the river at Monsieur Pelican

This place is the only tourist filled location in Paris that I thoroughly enjoyed. Both Parisians and visitors are drawn to the water, especially during the hot summer months. The Seine is a haven from the heat even if it is un-swimmable.

A glass of freshly pressed jus de pamplemouse

Sarah Brandenburg studied abroad in Paris, France in summer 2018: