When I was in Paris I lived in the 14th Arrondissement, where the Montparnasse tower finds her home. I could see the large edifice from my apartment window and wondered what it would be like to climb to the top.

The full fee to enter the observation deck is 18 euros and 15 euros for students. It is a big cost to pay to be surrounded by tourists vying for a glance. I recommend traveling to the top of the tower, and I have a few suggestions.

My roommate Andrea

If you want to relax from the heat at the same time, instead of going to the observation deck, make your way inside the lobby of the Montparnasse Tower and take the left elevator to the restaurant. The restaurant is pretty pricey but they have a tiny café/bar with a gorgeous view.

The refreshments are pricey but I ordered a glass of freshly pressed Pamplemousse (grapefruit) juice for 9 euros (less than the cost of a ticket to the observation deck) and relaxed in the air conditioning with a refreshing break.

If you go to Paris in the summer, be prepared for a strong heat and no air conditioning. Most of the establishments in Paris are not retrofitted for air conditioning, so finding a cool place like the café at the top of the tower is a welcome break from the hot city.

The view from my apartment: the large tower on the left is the Montparnasse

Sarah Brandenburg studied abroad in Paris, France in summer 2018: