By Chloe Zgorzelski

If you know me, you know that I absolutely love Disneyland. I’ve been a proud annual passholder since I was three and some of my most cherished childhood and high school memories have occurred within the gates of that theme park. When I decided to study abroad a little over a year ago, I was honestly a little sad that I was going to have to go five months without a single visit to the “happiest place on earth”. But thankfully, Copenhagen provided a solution to my problem: Tivoli Gardens. 

Tivoli Gardens (a.k.a. Tivoli) is an amusement park or ‘pleasure garden,’ as the Europeans like to call it, located right smack in the middle of the city of Copenhagen. Tivoli opened 175 years ago on August 15th, 1843, making it the second-oldest operating theme park in the world. It is also the most visited theme park in all of Scandinavia.  


Recently, Tivoli Gardens was actually named one of Time magazine’s “best spots on the planet”. So knowing I would be living in Copenhagen for the rest of the year, I decided to purchase an annual entrance pass to Tivoli. The pass I bought only costs 350 DKK [approx. $53 USD] and gives me unlimited entrance into the park for a whole calendar year. With this pass, I have the opportunity to experience each of the park’s four distinct seasons [Summer, Halloween, Christmas, Winter] and go as often as I would like. As a student living in Copenhagen during the Fall, I think the pass is worth it, especially since I have and will get to experience three out of the four Tivoli seasons during my time here! 

#1 Celebrating Tivoli’s 175th Anniversary 

This summer, Tivoli celebrated their 175th birthday, which means it was an incredibly special time to visit the park. The Summer Concert Series, Tivoli Youth Guard Performances, and of course the special food offerings were fun to experience. Every Saturday, Tivoli had a firework show (which I could actually hear all the way from my dorm on nights I wasn’t able to go watch them in the park). They also debuted the Tivoli Illuminations water show and even had a special 175th anniversary parade – complete with a Walt Disney World it’s a small world float! 

#2 Meeting Rasmus Klump

Rasmus Klump is a Danish comic strip series for children created by Danish Couple, Carla and Vilhelm Hansen, in 1951. The series tells the story of a bear cub named Rasmus Klump and his friends as well as the many adventures they have around the world on board his ship, Mary. In short, Rasmus Klump is to Tivoli Gardens what Mickey Mouse is to Disneyland.  Every day he puts on various shows on the different stages located within the garden and it is so adorable to see all of the children gather around to watch him, smiling and giggling throughout the program. 

#3 Halloween Time! 

Nothing screams Halloween is here like haunted houses, scarecrows, pumpkin carving, caramel apples and glogg! Halloween isn’t a super big deal in Copenhagen, but Tivoli sure does know how to celebrate spooky season right. The park undergoes a three-week closure in preparation for the Halloween festivities and then reopens with a brand new Halloween-themed Rasmus Klump show, new rides, a pop-up Fall/Halloween market, a special horror-inspired Tivoli Illuminations and decorations throughout the park that are sure to put you in the Halloween spirit! 

So far, I’ve visited Tivoli about five or six times. Since my classes at the University of Copenhagen only meet once or twice a week, I have plenty of free time to go to the park and make the most of my pass. Sometimes I’ll go to walk around for a bit or go to grab some lunch/a quick snack. I’ve even gone and brought my homework along with me! It’s a nice change of scenery as well as a relaxing and magical place to get your homework done. I’m looking forward to experiencing the wonder and whimsy of Tivoli’s Christmas season in just a few short weeks! I’ll be sure to update this post with photos as soon as the gardens open back up again for the holiday season and Christmas Market.  


Chloe Zgorzelski studied in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2018: