By Julia Andborn

In the beginning of the Business Leadership course we discussed the term global mindset. One of the biggest take-aways I have from the Travel Study “in” Asia is strategies to have a more global mindset. This essentially means to be more aware and have more knowledge regarding the world. Some strategies we learned and talked about to have a wider global mindset are global intellectual capital, global psychological capital, and global social capital. 

Global intellectual capital is the easiest to develop. To develop global intellectual capital, you can read books and newspapers from different parts of the world to understand different perspectives and events going on. You can learn about and explore cultures, histories, politics, and economic issues around the world, which improves your cosmopolitan outlook. Within global intellectual capital, you can also improve your business savvy. Meaning that you learn and conduct research on business industries and become a better player within the business world. 

Global psychological capital is the most difficult to change, since it is more about your personality. But, in order to improve and develop your global psychological capital you can travel more and visit local communities to learn about different cultures and peoples. It is about a person’s quest for adventure and willingness to be more open to different perspectives and diversity. It is a super important part of having a more global mindset and I strongly recommend traveling as much as you can because it is so fulfilling! 

Global social capital is also about meeting new and different people from around the world. It is about expanding your social network and gaining more experience with people from different backgrounds. For example, global social capital can help you be a better future leader by being able to understand all the different people in your work-place. But it is also helpful when you just want to gain new experiences and make new friends for life. 

Hopefully, this blog post about global mindset strategies was useful to some of you and that you can use these strategies to have an even wider global mindset in our very globalized world! I hope you have a great rest of your day and I’ll see you soon! 

Julia Andborn participated in our virtual study abroad in Asia in Summer 2021.