Incorporating what you learned during your study abroad experience and highlighting  your most relevant skills and qualities in your resume/CV, cover letter, and interview will help you market yourself as a strong candidate, making you more attractive to employers.

Study Abroad Returnees Handbook

The UCLA Study Abroad Office (IEO) in collaboration with the UCLA Career Center created this Study Abroad Returnees Handbook to help you reflect on your experience abroad, understand what you learned, identify your skills & qualities and communicate your value in a job application.

In this handbook, you will find examples that will show you how to translate your experiences abroad and use them to set you apart from other  job applicants. At the end of the handbook, you will have the opportunity to create your own story and organize your newly acquired skills and qualities so you can move forward with confidence as you pursue your dream job.

As you start incorporating your study abroad experience into a job application, here is a list of some study abroad focused Action Verbs, Skills & Qualities  you may use in your resume and/or cover letter:

Action Verbs

Adapted Financed Organized
Awarded Fostered Practiced
Collaborated Immersed Recognized
Changed Implemented Researched
Challenged Interpreted Represented
Cooperated Learned Shared
Developed Lived Translated
Exchanged Managed Traveled
Explored Navigated

Skills & Qualities

Ability to compromise Language skills
Ability to handle stress in new environments Learn quickly in a new environment
Achieve goals despite obstacles Learning through listening and observing
Adapt to new environments Manage time and multiple tasks
Appreciation of diversity Open-mindedness
Assertiveness Openness to relocation
Building cross-cultural relationships Perform in an environment with adverse conditions
Communicate despite barriers Perseverance
Conduct research despite language and cultural differences Problem solving/crisis-management
Cultural awareness Resourceful
Deal with ambiguity and change Self-awareness
Diplomatic Self-confidence
Establish rapport quickly Self-knowledge
Flexibility Self-reliance
Function with a global perspective Sense of humor
Handle stress/difficult situations Take initiatives and risks
High energy/enthusiasm Time management
Independence Tolerance


UCLA Career Guide

The UCLA Career Guide will help familiarize you with many of the documents and processes involved in career exploration and
job searches. Use it to learn how to expand your competencies and to present them to employers in a way that lets them see your talents and abilities. You will want to keep this guide handy throughout your time at UCLA as it will help you at each stage of your journey.

Are you Career ready?

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