As the central hub for study abroad student services and programming, the International Education Office (IEO) believes that all UCLA students can benefit from a global perspective.

With the support of UCLA Undergraduate Education and the International Institute, we are committed to growing the rate of participation in study abroad from 20% to 25% of all undergraduate students on campus.

In order to achieve this ambitious goal, UCLA has identified the following projects to support growing the number of students abroad:

  • UCLA Centennial Campaign Goal – Raise $10M for study abroad and global internship scholarships. The IEO will engage with our alumni all over the world to support study abroad in partnership with the International Institute, UCLA External Affairs, the UCLA Europe Office and the UCLA Asia Office.
  • Establish IEO Faculty Advisory Board – Liaise with academic departments across campus to improve visibility and curricular integration, recommend strategies for overcoming barriers to student participation in study abroad and increase diversity among students who study abroad. This board was jointly appointed by the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education and the Vice Provost for International Studies.
  • Develop Strategic Partnerships with Academic Departments, Student Affairs, and Counseling Units – Enhance the academic integration of study abroad coursework into the curriculum using the framework established by the recent UCLA Pathways to Commencement report as a guide.
  • Expand Study Abroad Opportunities for Graduate Students – Support faculty in creating opportunities for graduate students to engage in research collaborations, field research, and internships around the globe.
  • Partner with Career Center and Alumni Affairs to Increase Student Engagement in Service Learning or Internships Abroad – Establish a streamlined process for helping students engage in service learning or internships abroad. Innovate and create new services to support students in using their international experiences as a framework to shape planning for life after graduation. Establish meaningful connections with alumni around the world interested in providing service learning, internship and mentorship opportunities to students abroad.
  • Establish New Organization for Study Abroad Alumni – Provide a venue for returning students to process their experiences from abroad, network regarding further professional and academic international opportunities, as well as to foster greater cross-cultural understanding through social events and other activities.
  • Establish Campus Steering Committee to Carry Out Pledge Initiatives – Work with key faculty and staff from across the campus to carry out the initiatives required to achieve the goals of our Generation Study Abroad pledge.