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Connect with UCEAP Student Peer Advisors or Travel Study Outreach Coordinators; both are UCLA students who have recently returned from a program abroad. Ask them about their program, the countries they visited, living abroad, managing costs, or anything!

Hayley Westcott - UCEAP Student Peer Advisor

Majors: Geography/Environmental Studies & French

Program: Language & Culture, Univ. of Lyon (Lyon, France) and Univ. of Lyon (Lyon, France)

Hayley grew up in a small town in northern California where she always dreamed of speaking French and living in France. At UCLA, she finally got the opportunity and as a junior she went abroad to Lyon, France where she studied French for a year. During her time abroad, she traveled throughout France and Europe, taking full advantage of the amazing transportation systems and experiencing many different cultures and languages. Hayley is currently a senior at UCLA majoring in Geography/Environmental Studies and French. Her year in France was just the beginning of her global voyages and she plans to travel after she graduates and work with wildlife and conservation abroad.

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Katie Pastor - UCEAP Student Peer Advisor

Majors: Geography/Environmental Studies & Communication Studies

Program: University of Cape Town (Cape Town, South Africa)

Katie is a fourth-year majoring in Geography/Environmental Studies and Communication Studies. Hoping to experience some of South Africa’s incredible natural beauty, Katie studied abroad at the University of Cape Town in the fall of her junior year. While she certainly did get to see a new part of the natural world by hiking, surfing, cross-country road-tripping, and taking an archaeology field class, she also learned a lot about social justice in action and made some of her closest friends. Katie thinks her time in South Africa made her a more curious and adventurous person, and can’t wait to see more of the world both on her own and through environmental work she plans to pursue after she graduates. 

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Natalina Cosenza - UCEAP Student Peer Advisor

Major: Geography/Environmental Studies Minor: Global Studies

Program: English Universities - King's College London (London, England)

Natalina is a fourth year Geography/Environmental Studies major and Global Studies minor at UCLA. In the fall of her junior year she studied abroad at King's College London. Natalina was eager to jump on the opportunity to live abroad and make another city home. During her time in Europe, Natalina visited nine countries and checked numerous things off of her bucket list. Natalina's UCEAP experience deepened her love of travel and she hopes to continue exploring new places during her senior year and after college.

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