Congratulations on your decision to pursue study abroad!

Now that you have decided to study abroad, it’s time to start exploring your interests and goals to align them with the perfect program.

Choosing a Study Abroad Program

With over 100 programs in 40+ countries to choose from, choosing the right program can be overwhelming. Whether you want to study abroad for a year or just a few weeks, with UCLA faculty and students or immersed in a university abroad, there is a study abroad program for you.

UCLA Travel Study

Study on location around the world for three to six weeks on a summer program led by UCLA professors. No minimum GPA required. Earn UCLA credit and fulfill degree requirements.

UC Education Abroad Program

Earn credit toward your degree while studying at one of UCEAP’s 100+ partner institutions for a summer, semester or academic year. You can also complete an internship or do research.

UCLA Global Cities

Join a group of local students abroad and take courses at a host university in Amsterdam, Barcelona or Milan. Immerse yourself in a new and exciting culture. Then wrap up your summer at UCLA, studying with the same cohort of students. Expand your horizons, make
lifelong friendships and earn a quarter’s worth of academic credit!

UCLA Global Internship Program

Intern with an organization or company abroad for academic credit! Internship placements are approximately 8 weeks during the summer. The program is a great way to increase industry knowledge and employability.

UCLA Exchange

Experience a more focused study abroad program specific to your major. Earn transfer credit for summer and semester terms. Tuition fees are waived.

All programs are eligible for financial aid!

Watch the Prezi below to learn more about the differences between the two main programs offered: UCLA Travel Study and the University of California Education Abroad Program.

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