• Summer Travel Study

    Asian American Studies:

    Pacific Islander Communities

  • Summer Travel Study

    Asian American Studies:

    Pacific Islander Communities


2014 Travel Study Scholarship winner Juliana Wong shares her experience on this program

Juliana Wong reflects on the program in an interview with Prof. Rod Labrador

Attend the UCLA Hawai‘i Travel Study program for a critical examination of race, ethnicity, history, gender, sexuality, and U.S. empire in the context of the Hawaiian islands.

Hawai‘i is world famous as a “tropical paradise” and also has been heralded as a “racial paradise,” occupying a unique position as a place where “minorities comprise a majority.”

During this 5-week program, students can enjoy the sun, sand, and surf while investigating local histories and communities and problematizing issues related to indigeneity, politics, economy, representation, and colonialism.

Through field visits, service learning, discussion, and student-led research opportunities, the UCLA Hawai‘i Travel Study program seeks to broaden student understandings of Hawai‘i and the Pacific. 


All courses are 4 quarter units each.

Required Course

Asian American Studies M143A (Anthropology M139P): Fieldwork in Asian American and Pacific Islander Communities- Introduction to qualitative research methods and application of techniques in data collection, analysis, and reporting. Critical reflection of issues related to identity, migration, multiculturalism, tourism, and indigenous rights. Field excursions and guest lecturers from local community included.

Asian American Studies M143C (Anthropology M177P): Ethnic Identity and Ethnic Relations in Hawaii- Continuing construction and expression of ethnic identity in various cultural forms and social contexts in Hawaii. Overview of theoretical approaches to and basic concepts in study of ethnic identity and ethnic relations. Discussion of historical and contemporary aspects of ethnic identity and ethnic relations in Hawaii.

Optional Course

Asian American Studies 199: Directed Research (requires instructor consent)

You may earn independent study units by writing an academically rigorous 10-15 page paper (in addition to the paper and projects for M143A, 143B, and M143C). There is an additional fee for this independent study course.


Grades are based on attendance, class participation, journals, a mid-term examination and a final examination. The instructor reserves the right to vary this format.


You are responsible for purchasing your own textbooks. All course materials will be available in Hawai'i. 

Budget and Financial Aid

Budget UC Undergrads UC Grad Students Visiting Students
Program Fee
Optional 199 Course Fee
Textbooks (estimate) 100 100 100
Airfare (estimate) 900 900 900
Meals (estimate) 500 500 500
Spending Money (estimate) 400 400 400

Program fee includes registration and course fees, accommodations, program excursions, and health insurance.

Program fee also includes 2 meals per day.

Airfare, textbooks, optional courses, other meals and optional excursions are additional.

Fees are subject to change by action of the UC Regents.

Document Fee 

Non-UCLA students will be charged a $50 Document Fee.  This is a one-time document fee which covers fees for first-class mailing of official transcripts, diploma and much more. Please visit the Registrar's Office Website for more information.  Matriculated UCLA Students: Please visit the Registrar's Office Website for document fee information.


All undergraduate students will be charged a $61 IEI fee per summer. The IEI (Instructional Enhancement Initiative) fee is a course materials fee that is charged in order to support the use of technology in undergraduate education at UCLA. For more information please click here.


We recommend that you budget accordingly to cover optional sightseeing, laundry, internet cafes, emergencies, etc.  How much to budget depends on your travel, entertainment and souvenir choices. It is always best to overestimate your spending. Take the time to research the cost of living in your destination and the activities you want to participate in while abroad.

Purchasing Airfare

We typically advise students to wait until late March to purchase airplane tickets for summer programs.

Financial Aid

Financial aid for Travel Study programs is available to qualified UCLA students. All other students should inquire about financial aid with their home institution. For details about the financial aid application process, please visit the Financial Aid section of this Web site.

On Location


Students live in dormitory rooms at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

The UCLA Travel Study program reserves the right to change housing location. Should this be necessary, we will arrange comparable accommodations elsewhere.


Students can dine at a buffet, Hale Aloha Café twice per day.

Vegetarian options are available at the cafeteria. However, if you have strict dietary requirements this program may not be able to accommodate your needs. Please let us know when you apply for this program if you have any special dietary needs as well as any physical or medical conditions. We will advise you accordingly.


This program includes several excursions as part of its curriculum. In past years, students visited:

  • the Waipahu Cultural Gardens and Plantation Village
  • the Japanese Cultural Center of Hawai'i
  • Iolani Palace
  • the Bishop Museum
  • the Polynesian Cultural Center

A full excursion schedule will be provided at a later date.

Possible field trips for next summer include:

  • museums
  • cultural festivals and shows
  • cultural and historical walking tours
  • visits to community centers
  • taro
  • aqua culture farms

All schedules, itineraries, and group activities are subject to change at the discretion of the instructor.

Free time is built into this program for independent sightseeing. If you plan on traveling extensively, we recommend that you budget additional spending money.


The University of Manoa is located on a lush mountainside and is surrounded by a myriad of sights and entertainment opportunities just waiting to be discovered. Be sure to explore the nearby Wa'ahila Ridge. This extinct volcano is a very popular hiking spot among students.

The University is a quick, five minute bus ride from the popular Waikiki, where the ocean water is filled with tropical fish and giant sea turtles may swim right along side you.

You may choose to explore the crystal clear tide pools or rent out a surfboard or a kayak and take on the waves. In the evenings you may indulge in the tropical nightlife.

There are numerous nightclubs and restaurants where students can enjoy the delectable local cuisine, while being entertained by the variety of Polynesian cultural shows.


June 27 - August 2, 2017




Program Fee

UC Undergrads:
UC Grad Students:
Visiting Students:
Fees are subject to change by action of the UC Regents.