Financial aid can be applied to cover program costs for UCLA Global Cities program. Students who are eligible for aid during the academic year are generally eligible for summer aid. Aid packages generally include the program fee and estimated costs for living expenses. Grants are extremely limited in summer, so be prepared for a financial aid package that consists PRIMARILY of loans, including parent and private loans.

Applying for Financial Aid

In order to apply for financial aid, UCLA students must complete the following:

  • Pay the $300 nonrefundable deposit to secure your spot in the Global Cities program.
  • Submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by March 2, 2022. The application is available at
  • Complete the Summer Aid application – available from April 1 to April 30 on MyUCLA.

Veteran Benefits

All students receiving Veteran Benefits (Cal-Vet College Fee Waiver, GI Bill® Waiver, etc.) must submit a Veteran Benefits Agreement Form by April 1, 2022. UCLA students, please make sure to contact your Veteran Benefits Coordinator Ryan Redding by email or telephone (310) 825-5391.  More detailed information can be found on our Veteran Benefits page.


Please note that ALL students applying for financial aid assume full responsibility for all program fees. In order to cancel once you have registered, please retrieve your online application and select the “Cancel My Registration” button. The $300 registration fee is nonrefundable. Financial Aid students who cancel after April 6th  will be assessed the full program fee without the possibility of financial aid.


UCLA Financial Aid and Scholarships Office

Jan Hastings
Counseling Supervisor
Ph: (310) 825-7571

UCLA International Education Office

Wilsi Lieux
Program Coordinator
Ph: (310) 825-7707

Please note, the UCLA Financial Aid Office and the IEO cannot predict your award package.

Financial Aid Frequently Asked Questions

If I accept financial aid in the summer, will it affect my financial aid package during the next academic year?The federal loans you accept in summer affect the following academic year. For students who need federal loans for the following academic year, the UCLA Financial Aid Office will offer more parent and private loans to cover your summer program. We advise you to meet with your financial aid advisor to discuss your summer plans and learn about the types of loans that will be offered to you.
Do I have to pay the $300 nonrefundable registration fee when I apply for a program?Yes, all students are required to pay the $300 non-refundable registration fee to secure their spot in a program. When your financial aid disburses, you will be reimbursed for this registration fee.
How much financial aid can I expect to receive?Financial aid packages consist primarily of LOANS, including parent and private loans. The package includes aid for program fees and living expenses.
Are grants available in the summer?There are a limited number of Pell, Cal, University grants available in the summer. If you are grant-eligible during the academic year, you may be eligible for grants during the summer. However, you can expect that a majority of your financial aid package will be LOANS, including parent and private loans.
Are scholarships available?Yes. Students participating in the Global Cities program can apply for UCLA scholarships. Please visit the Scholaships Page for more information. You can apply at
When will I receive my financial aid award notification (FAN)?Award notifications will go out by the end of May. FAN notifications are sent out by e-mail.
When will the financial aid awards be disbursed?UCLA financial aid awards are usually disbursed 5-10 days prior to the program start date.
What expenses will I need to cover prior to my disbursement?You will have to cover the $300 nonrefundable registration fee for your program prior to award disbursement. You will also have to cover airline ticket expenses in advance of the disbursement.
If I am a financial aid student, will I be responsible for paying the program fees in full by the final payment deadline?Eligible financial aid students (who have completed all of the financial aid requirements) will not be held responsible for paying the full program fees by the final payment deadline. Please note that ALL students applying for financial aid assume full responsibility for all program fees.
How can I check the status of my financial aid? UCLA financial aid students can access their financial aid information at MyUCLA.

Be sure that the UCLA Financial Aid Office has on file a current e-mail address and local mailing address that you check regularly.