Due to COVID-19, all Global Cities programs have been cancelled for summer 2020.


Barcelona + Los Angeles


Milan + Los Angeles

The Global Cities Summer Program is a unique collaboration between partner universities abroad and UCLA. This program offers a comparative perspective through coursework that highlights the creativity, economics, socio-political and cultural background of the host cities.

This joint program is comprised of two consecutive sessions. UCLA and the university abroad select their own students to participate in the program. The same cohort of students learn and live in both cities. During Summer Session A, students attend UPF in Barcelona or UNICATT in Milan. During Summer Session C, students attend UCLA. This setting offers students the opportunity to enjoy a unique academic and cultural experience that combines credit-bearing courses with on-site learning activities.


Session A: varies depending on location
Session C: August 3 to September 11, 2020


Registration for Summer 2020 will close on March 15th.  All spaces are first come, first served, and you must submit a $300 deposit to secure your place in the program. Full program fees payment deadline is March 20th. There will be no refunds after this date. Eligible financial aid students will not be held responsible for paying the full program fees by the final payment deadline.


Session A

You can choose to study in Barcelona or Milan. Students are required to be full-time enrolled, which means you must take two courses abroad. Additional activities and events will be planned for the students participating in the Global Cities program.

For more specific details, please click on your selected location on the left side tabs.

Session C

All students attend UCLA. You must enroll in two courses, which should be selected from this course offering list:

UCLA Courses: Summer 2020


COMM 105 – Media Conspiracy Theories in U.S. and Middle East

COMM 109 – Entrepreneurial Communication

COMM 110 – Gender and Communication

COMM 145 – Situation Comedy and American Culture

COMM 148 – Integrated Marketing Communications

COMM 156 – Social Networking

Economics & Management

ECON 122 – International Finance

MGMT 163 – Entrepreneurship and New Product Development

MGMT 180 – Special Topics in Management

MGMT 182 – Leadership Principles and Practice

Global Studies

GLBL ST 140 – Hollywood and America’s Global Image

Film & Television

FILM TV 122E – Digital Cinematography

FILM TV 122M – Film and Television Directing

FILM TV 183C – Producing III: Marketing, Distribution, and Exhibition


HIST M133C – History of Prostitution

HIST M150D – Recent African American Urban History: Funk Music and Politics of Black Popular Culture

HIST M155 – History of Los Angeles

Political Science

POL SCI 149 – Special Topics in American Government and Politics

POL SCI 150 – Political Violence


SOCIOL 111 – Social Networks

SOCIOL 156 – Law and Society


Students will be required to submit the following documents:

1. One page document describing why you want to participate in Global Cities Summer Program.

2. Copy of your biographical page of your passport, if available.

3. Passport-style photo of yourself.

Housing at UCLA

On-campus housing options are available.  For information on summer housing at UCLA, please visit UCLA Summer Housing.

Scholarship and Financial Aid

Scholarship and financial aid are available to qualified students. Please contact our office for more information.

Program Fees

See costs under each program.

Contact Us

For more information or if you want to schedule an appointment with the program advisor, please contact Wilsi Lieux at:

Phone: 310-825-7707.